Masters of Pathology : Pancreatic Pathology (2018)

Masters of Pathology Series

 Engaging lectures, case studies and virtual microscopy sessions help build and translate pancreatic pathology knowledge into realistic diagnostic scenarios. Earn Lifelong Learning and SAM credits.

Discover the Latest in Pancreatic Pathology

This CME program is a comprehensive look at all aspects of pancreatic pathology. Through informative lectures and virtual microscopy sessions, Elizabeth D. Thompson, MD, PhD, reinforces basic concepts, exploring particularly challenging situations, and introduces new techniques in molecular analysis. Masters of Pathology Series — Pancreatic Pathology will help you to better:

  • Illustrate an algorithm for the approach to diagnoses of solid, cystic pancreatic lesions
  • Explain the most common non-epithelial neoplasms arising in or involving the pancreas
  • Distinguish between chronic pancreatic and invasive ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas
  • Outline common causes of non-neoplastic mass-forming lesions in the pancreas
  • Summarize a clinical scenario in which molecular analysis of cyst fluid impacts clinical decision-making
  • Identify common mimics of adenocarcinoma on intraoperative frozen sections of the liver and/or peritoneum during pancreatic surgery

Details : 14 Videos

Size : 5.5 GB

Price : 50 $



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