Masters of Pathology : Dermatopathology 2020


Masters of Pathology Series

Expert guidance on distinguishing entities, understanding clinical implications and reporting dermatopathology diagnoses. Earn Lifelong Learning and SAM credits.

Learn from an Industry Trailblazer

Dermatopathology – Masters of Pathology Series, is directed by Jerad M. Gardner, MD, #1 Trailblazer of the Lab on The Pathologist’s 2019 Power List. Join Dr. Gardner as he presents a pragmatic approach to dealing with skin biopsies, common conundrums and more. Through informative microscopy sessions and practical discussions, you will learn how to better:

  • Interpret requisition sheets and understand clinical dermatology terminology
  • Apply a structured approach to analysis and classification of keratoses, neoplasms, adnexal tumors, sarcomas
  • Recognize and diagnose common lesions and unique nevus subtypes
  • Report diagnoses that will be understood and result in optimal patient care


  • All lectures by Jerad M. Gardner, MD

    • Epidermal Neoplasms: Bread and Butter Everyday Diseases That Can Still be Tricky!
    • Epidermal Neoplasms: Beyond the Basics
    • Diagnostic Approach to Melanocytic Lesions
    • Unique Subtypes of Nevus and Melanoma
    • Skin Adnexal Tumors 1
    • Skin Adnexal Tumors 2
    • Dermatology Urgencies & Emergencies That Every Pathologist Should Know
    • Inflammatory Dermpath: Patterns and Terminology
    • Fibrohistiocytic Spindle Cell Tumors of the Skin
    • Sarcomas Every Pathologist Should Know – Microscopy Session
    • Myxoid Skin Lesions Made Easy
    • Classic Cutaneous Hemepath Cases
    • Infectious Diseases of the Skin
    • Crafting a Useful Dermpath Report & Other Random Tips for Daily Practice
    • Dermpath Potpourri – Entities That Don’t Fit in Anywhere Else But Can’t Be Left Out

Details : 15 Videos + 2 PDF

Price : $ 40