Harvard Advances in Cytology and Small Biopsies 2023

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Pathology CME

You’ll gain knowledge, confidence, and experience through this unique series of online video CME lectures highlighting the integration of small biopsies, a common component of the typical FNAB procedure. Expert faculty from Harvard Medical School’s three academic centers — many of whom are leaders in the field — deliver a comprehensive tutorial on the current state of the art in cytology. Harvard Advances in Cytology and Small Biopsies continuing medical education topics including:

  • Advances in automation and standardized terminology
  • “Challenging Cases and Lessons Learned” case-based virtual microscopy sessions
  • Urinary cytopathology and changes to The Paris System 2.0 last updated in 2022
  • The role of the cytopathologist in diagnosis using minimally invasive techniques
  • Updates on utilizing ancillary testing for diagnosis, prognosis, and targeted therapy
  • And more!

Topics / Speakers

HSIL and Its Mimics – Vanda Torous, MD

Endocervical-AGCs and Worse – Vanda Torous, MD

Endometrial Cells and Their Mimics – Jeffrey Mito, MD, PhD

Questions and Answers – Jeffrey Mito, MD, PhD and Vanda Torous, MD

Primary HPV Screening for Cervical Cancer – Why and How – Sarah Feldman, MD, MPH

The Impact of Primary HPV Screening on the Cytology – Laboratory – Jeffrey Mito, MD, PhD

The Elusive Diagnosis of HSIL on the Anal Pap Test – Ivan Chebib, MD

Anal Dysplasia and Anal Cancer Prevention – Benjamin Davis, MD

Questions and Answers – Ivan Chebib, MD and Benjamin Davis, MD

Application of Practical Informatics to Cytology – Emilio Madrigal, DO

Compliance with CMS Billing – Stephen Black-Schaffer, MA, MD

Questions and Answers – Stephen Black-Schaffer, MD and Emilio Madrigal, DO

Challenging Cases and Lessons Learned – Virtual Microscopy 1 – Moderator: Emilio Madrigal, DO; Vanda Torous, MD, Caroline Hilburn, MD, and Jeffrey Mito, MD

Updates in Urine Cytology – Paris 2.0 – Eva M. Wojcik, MD

Malignant Effusions – Primary versus Metastatic – Marina Vivero, MD

Pulmonary Cytology – Workup of NSCLC on FNA and Small Biopsy – Paul VanderLaan, MD, PhD

Molecular Testing in Cytology Specimens – Lynette Sholl, MD

Questions and Answers – Paul VanderLaan, MD, PhD and Lynette Sholl, MD

WHO Reporting Systems in Cytopathology – Martha Bishop Pitman, MD

Soft Tissue FNA and Small Biopsy – Pt 1 – Ivan Chebib, MD

Soft Tissue FNA and Small Biopsy – Pt 2 – Vickie Jo, MD

Lymph Node FNA – Amy Ly, MD

Challenging Cases and Lessons Learned – Virtual Microscopy 2 – Moderator: Martha B. Pitman, MD; David Hwang, MD, Vickie Jo, MD, and Sanhong Yu, MBBS, PhD

The Milan System 2.0 and Salivary Gland FNA – William C. Faquin, MD, PhD

Unusual Tumors of the Head and Neck – Kristine Wong, MD

HPV Testing of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma – William C. Faquin, MD, PhD

Questions and Answers – William Faquin, MD, PhD; Kristine Wong, MD

Updates to the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid – Cytopathology – Paul VanderLaan, MD, PhD

The Atypical Thyroid FNA – What’s AUS and What Isn’t – Edmund S. Cibas, MD

Questions and Answers – Edmund Cibas, MD and Paul VanderLaan, MD, PhD

Molecular Testing in Thyroid FNA Specimens – Michiya Nishino, MD, PhD

Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma – M. Lisa Zhang, MD

Pancreatic Non-Ductal Neoplasms – M. Lisa Zhang, MD

Pancreatic Cysts – Martha Bishop Pitman, MD

Questions and Answers – Martha Bishop Pitman, MD and Lisa Zhang, MD

Challenges and Lessons Learned – Virtual Microscopy 3 – Moderator: Jeffrey Mito, MD, PhD; Lisa Zhang, MD, Kristine Wong, MD, Sarah Wu, MD, PhD, and Marina Vivero, MD

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the full range of diagnostic approaches to cytological and small tissue samples from all body sites
  • Evaluate current and potential applications of automated screening, liquid-based preparation methods, flow cytometry and molecular testing
  • Assess the impact of new technologies on cytology practice
  • Apply current standards for the evaluation and work-up of cytology and small tissue samples for diagnosis, prognosis and targeted therapy
  • Summarize the new standardized terminology and reporting systems for gynecological, pancreaticobiliary, thyroid, salivary gland and urinary cytological specimens
  • Identify diagnostic pitfalls and how to avoid them


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