Harvard : Advanced Trauma Management for the Emergency Physician 2022

Advanced Trauma Management for the Emergency Physician is a 2-day course that provides updates, best practices, and new pathways &  protocols regarding the acute care of major trauma patients, from Emergency Department arrival through hospital admission/ discharge. The course will focus on advanced, state-of-the-art clinical knowledge and skills, with an emphasis on teamwork, non-technical skills, and best practices in ED management.

The goal of the course is to prepare emergency clinicians, who already have a strong base in trauma care, to quickly and accurately assess and provide high-quality care for trauma patients. Emphasis will be on optimizing outcomes for patients presenting with high-risk traumatic injuries.

Relevant for clinicians working in:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Urgent Care


  • World-renowned experts in trauma management
  • Faculty from Harvard Medical School and BIDMC
  • Presentations & interactive Q&A

Clinical Management of

  • Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Minor Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Torso Trauma
  • Extremity Trauma

Trauma Management in Special Patient Populations

  • Hypotensive Trauma Patients
  • Elderly Trauma Patients
  • Pregnant Trauma Patients
  • Pediatric Trauma Patients

State-of-the-Art Techniques for Trauma Patient Management

  • Reversal of Anticoagulation / Antiplatelet medication
  • Massive Transfusion Protocols (TEG, etc.)
  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)
  • Management practices to facilitate quality trauma care
  • Challenging Airways

Specialized Trauma Scenarios

  • Firearm Injuries
  • ED Preparedness for MCIs

Details : 30 Videos , 29 PDF

Price : $ 50