Evaluation of Pelvic Pain: Can Ultrasound Do It All?


Ultrasound is usually the initial modality in the evaluation of pelvic pain, acute or chronic, especially when a gynecologic etiology is suspected. The role of other imaging modalities, primarily magnetic resonance imaging, is controversial. The objective of this program is to give different approaches in the diagnosis of pelvic pain, one advocating the use of ultrasound as sufficient and the other approach supporting a role for other modalities. Both views are presented. The learner attributes are patient care, medical knowledge, and practice-based learning and improvement.


1. Trailer

2. Pelvic Pain–CME Info

3. Pelvic Pain–Part 1 Dr Bennett

4. Pelvic Pain–Part 2 Dr Benacerraf

Provider : AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine)

Price : $ 18


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