Endocrine Board Review 12th Edition 2020


Take advantage of the full board preparation experience with the Endocrine Board Review 12th Edition (2020) Bundle. This bundle includes three components:

  • interactive on-demand mock exam sessions reviewing 220 case-based questions across the spectrum of the field
  • recorded Q&A sessions with the experts from the virtual EBR 2020 meeting
  • the Endocrine Board Review 12th Edition (2020) book, including all case questions and detailed answer rationale

This product is ideal for those preparing for the endocrine board exam or for those that simply want to stay up to date and improve their practice skills.


  • Adrenal
  • Calcium and Bone
  • Diabetes
  • Female Reproduction
  • Male Reproduction
  • Obesity and Lipids
  • Pituitary
  • Thyroid

Details : Videos and PDF

Price : $ 150


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