echoCORE 2023

ASE released its newest online educational tool echoCORE! The new echocardiography review and evaluation tool helps practitioners of echocardiography review a broad array of topics, key concepts, formulas, and the latest echo advancements in an interactive multiple-choice question and answer format.

Some key product highlights:

  • Developed by 24 experts in the field.
  • Over 38 topics covered.
  • 150 questions
  • Customized feedback with external resource links to ASE guidelines, full lectures on topics, JASE articles, and more.
  • User receives a performance summary on each topic.

Topics : 

Getting Started
Aorta Questions
Aortic Prothesis Questions
Aortic Regurgitation Questions
Aortic Stenosis Questions
Artifacts Questions
Athletes Questions
Cardiac Masses Questions
Chamber Quantification Questions
Complex Congenital Heart Disease Questions
Degenerative MR Questions
Doppler Physics Questions
Doppler Questions
Echo in Systemic Disease Questions
Endocarditis Questions
Functional MR Questions
HCM Questions
Infiltrative (Amyloid, Sarcoid, Hemochromatosis) Questions
Ischemic Heart Disease Questions
Knobology Questions
LVAD Questions
M-Mode Questions
Mitral Prosthesis Questions
Mitral Stenosis Questions
Normal TTEDoppler Questions
Pericardium Questions
Physics Formulas Questions
Post MI Complications Questions
Prosthetic Valves Questions
Right & Left Hemodynamics Questions
Right Heart & pHTN Questions
Simple Congenital Heart Disease Questions
Stress Echo Questions
Structural Interventions Questions
TEE Questions
Tissue Doppler & Strain Questions
Tricuspid Valve & Pulmonary Valve Questions
Ultrasound Contrast Questions
Ultrasound Physics Questions

Details : 1 MP4 + 39 PDF files

Price : $ 100