Duke Radiology – A Comprehensive Review of Musculoskeletal MRI , 2nd Edition

The second edition of A Comprehensive Review of Musculoskeletal MRI features Duke Radiology’s Clyde Helms, M.D., providing a thorough analysis and update of imaging techniques relevant to all major and minor musculoskeletal areas.  He is joined by James Vogler, III, M.D., for a discussion of MRI protocols, procedures and applications throughout MSK anatomy.  Each presenter’s images are enhanced by the speaker’s pointer, to communicate exact findings and analysis.  With multiple hours of musculoskeletal MRI discourse and hundreds of images, this activity provides an excellent opportunity for radiologists to review current imaging procedures, while also integrating cutting edge innovations to the practice.

Topics: Knee, shoulder, hip, pelvis, foot, ankle, wrist, elbow, spine, bone marrow, tumors and much more.

Details : 36 Files

File Size : 2.58 Gb

Price : 30 $


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