Critical Care Infectious Diseases Course



A 20 Modules course on Infections prevalent in Critical Care Units. The course will span for a duration of 20 weeks, an extra 5 weeks will be given for “Performance Evaluation & Certification”


Week 1: Basic Microbiology

Week 2: Principles of Antibiotic Therapy

Week 3: Management Of Gram negative MDR organisms in ICU

Week 4: MRSA

Week 5: Management Sepsis and Septic Shock

Week 6: Severe Community Acquired Infections

Week 7: Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Week 8: Nosocomial infections

Week 9: Approach to fungal infections in ICU

Week 10: Surgical site infections

Week 11: Tropical infections in the ICU

Week 12: Identifying and managing viral infection in ICU

Week 13: Infections in burns, trauma and zoonosis

Week 14: Infection in the immunocompromised host (SLE, etc)

Week 15: Infections in a post-transplant patient

Week 16: Managing CNS Infections in the ICU

Week 17: HIV, TB, in intensive care

Week 18: Principles of infection control

Week 19: Applying antimicrobial Stewardship in your ICU

Week 20: Pediatric Infection in ICU

Details : 48 Videos + 3 PDF

Price : $ 40