Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging (2018)


 Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2018

World Class CME and Oakstone Clinical Update

 Discover top trends in Breast Imaging with this expertly informed CME program. Ideal for MOC.

Stay Current with the Newest Advances

The Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging delves into a wide array of topics and summarizes the common, key issues radiologists face in daily practice. This online CME course includes case-based lectures on topics like mammography, breast masses, correlating ultrasound with mammography and clinical findings, controversies in breast MRI, ultrasound and nipple discharge, ultrasound of breast implants, etc. It will help you to better:

  • Comprehend the multimodality approach to breast imaging
  • Understand the indications for and utility of breast MRI
  • Learn to minimize recall rate and upsurge cancer detection rate at mammography
  • Attain knowledge to use 3D tomosynthesis mammography in the screening and diagnostic settings
  • Refresh your understanding of breast intervention procedures including biopsy and seed localizations

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Details : 49 Videos

File Size : 11.1 Gb

Price : 50 $


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