Command the Airway with Rich Levitan : An Emergency Airway Masterclass

A simplified and incrementalised approach to laryngoscopy, this course includes six lectures plus multiple tutorials on the skills of airway management.

NB.This course contains some graphic images that may not be suitable for all viewers.

Target AudienceHighly recommended for all critical care providers.

Learning ObjectivesUpon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Adopt techniques to combat stress during highly-skilled procedures
  • Improve patient positioning, resuscitation and oxygenation prior to intubation
  • Adopt a simplified and incrementalised approach to laryngoscopy
  • Improve cord visualisation, tube delivery and first-pass success


Module 1: Crisis Performance

  •  Lecture: Crisis Performance

Module 2: Oxygenation

  •  Lecture: Oxygenation
  •  Tutorial: Issues with BVM Ventilation
  •  Tutorial: Upright Positioning

Module 3: Incrementalised Laryngoscopy

  •  Lecture: Incrementalised Laryngoscopy
  •  Tutorial: Incrementalised Laryngoscopy Part 1
  •  Tutorial: Incrementalised Laryngoscopy Part 2
  •  Tutorial: Epiglottis-Only View
  •  Tutorial: Straight-To-Cuff Stylet
  •  Tutorial: Straight-To-Cuff Stylet: Tube Delivery
  •  Tutorial: Bougies: How To Hold
  •  Tutorial: Bougies: Preloaded Tubes
  •  Tutorial: Bougies: Tube Delivery
Module 4: Video Laryngoscopy

  •  Lecture: Video Laryngoscopy
  •  Tutorial: The Mac 4 Blade
  •  Tutorial: Mac Blades vs Hyperangulated Blades
  •  Tutorial: Hyperangulated Blades Part 1
  •  Tutorial: Hyperangulated Blades Part 2

Module 5: Supraglottic Airways & Paediatrics

  •  Lecture: Supraglottic Airways and Paediatrics
  •  Tutorial: Supraglottic Airways
  •  Tutorial: Igel Placement
  •  Tutorial: SGA’s – A Conduit To Intubation

Module 6: The Surgical Airway

  •  Lecture: The Surgical Airway
  •  Tutorial: The Surgical Airway Part 1
  •  Tutorial: The Surgical Airway Part 2

Details : 25 Videos

Price : $ 30