CHEST : Mechanical Ventilation – Critical Care Management 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the incredible demand for mechanical ventilation expertise. Strategies for managing respiratory failure continue to progress, so it’s essential that clinicians master these skills and stay current on advances in ventilator technology.

Thousands of learners have successfully used this course over several decades to help their patients with respiratory failure. The continually evolving curriculum focuses on solving clinical problems using the principles of mechanical ventilation like ventilator modes, graphic analysis, lung mechanics, and respiratory physiology.

Leaders in the critical care field will teach state-of-the-art techniques using interactive simulations and hands-on didactics. Return to your practice with increased mastery of mechanical ventilation management, and prepare to quickly implement what you’ve learned at your patients’ bedsides.

What you’ll learn

– Principles of mechanical ventilation with a focus on protecting the lungs

– Analysis of ventilator graphics for changing lung mechanics and optimal patient ventilator synchrony

– Ventilatory management of parenchymal lung injury, obstructive disease, and severe hypoxemia

– Strategies for mechanical ventilation liberation

Who should attend


Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Hospital Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology

Digital Learning Modules

– Design Principles of Modern Ventilators

– Applied Respiratory System Mechanics

– Patient-Ventilator Interactions

– Demonstration of Modes/Interactions

– Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury

– Management of Severe Hypoxemia

– Management of Obstructive Lung Disease

– Ventilator Discontinuation Process

– Live Interactive Discussions

– Clinical Case-Based Ventilator Management

– Waveform Analysis and Troubleshooting

– What in the World? Jeopardy

– Hands-on Workshops

– Set Up the Vent Cases

– Noninvasive Ventilation

– Severe Hypoxemia Management

– Fix the Ventilator: “What’s Wrong?”

– Ventilator Emergencies: “What the Heck Is Going On?”

Release Date : July 22-23 2022

Details : 20 Videos + 20 PDFs

Price : $ 100


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