CHEST : Critical Care Board Review On Demand 2023


Access the full set of recordings from the 2023 Critical Care Medicine Board Review course. Watch and listen as leading chest medicine experts show you how to solve case-based problems and give in-depth answers to common questions.

Increase your mastery of critical care medicine concepts to prepare for your ABIM certification exam, recertify, or expand your job knowledge.

Program content mirrors the content of the exam, as outlined by the ABIM.

Course Content
Renal, Endocrine, and Metabolic Disorders  15%
Cardiovascular Disorders  17.5%
Pulmonary Disease  20%
Infectious disease  12%
Gastrointestinal Disorders  5%
Neurological Disorders  9.5%
Hematologic and Oncologic Disorders  5.5%
Surgery, Trauma, and Transplantation  7%
Pharmacology and Toxicology  4.5%
Research, Administration, and Ethics  2%
Critical Care Ultrasound Scanning  2%
Total 100%







Price : $ 100