Cedars Sinai 21st Annual Educational Meeting in Gastroenterology 2021


The 21st Annual Cedars-Sinai Educational Meeting in Gastroenterology is a unique continuing medical education virtual activity designed to provide attendees with relevant information regarding new developments in gastroenterology and new approaches to the management of gastrointestinal diseases. A group of national experts will present new findings and guidelines in a clinical context that will be useful in your gastroenterology practice. This two-day virtual activity is intended for gastroenterologists and all other healthcare professionals who treat patients with gastrointestinal disorders. In addition to lecture format presentations, the course will include the following interactive virtual instructional formats: debate and panel discussions, Q & A sessions, case discussions, and interactive video presentations.


A clinical guide to ambulatory PH testing
Alcohol-induced liver disease 1
Alcohol-induced liver disease 2
Alcohol-induced liver disease 3
Approach to difficult polyps
Covid and IBD update
Diagnosis and management of dumping syndrome 1
Diagnosis and management of dumping syndrome 2
Fatty liver 1
Fatty liver 2
Fibrostenosis in Crohn’s disease
Gastrointestinal manifestations of COVID-19HCC management 1
HCC management 2
HCC management 3
HCC management 4
HCC management 5
HCC management 6
How to optimize enteral nutrition support for your patients 2
How to optimize enteral nutrition support for your patients
Management of pain in chronic pancreatitis
Medical management of idiopathic recurrent acute pancreatitis
Monitoring patients on IBD therapies – what and how
New tools for old diseases- OTSC, suturing, full-thickness resection
Overlooked causes of bloating
PSC PBC and autoimmune hepatitis 1
PSC PBC and autoimmune hepatitis 2
The future of colorectal cancer screening- beyond the basics
Updates on diagnosis and management of SIBO
Viral hepatitis

Details : 30 Videos , 1 PDF

Price : $ 50


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