CathSAP 5 – Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Cardiology Self-Assessment Program

CathSAP covers the entire field of interventional cardiology, and is a great resource for:

  • Perfecting your knowledge of interventional cardiology. Use CathSAP to identify your knowledge gaps, reinforce your existing knowledge, and learn new information.
  • Earning CME/MOC/ECME credit. CathSAP offers enough CME credit and MOC points in Medical Knowledge for all your licensing and certification requirements for up to 5 years. 130 credits!
  • Meeting Your MOC Assessment Option. CathSAP now offers the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP), a new option for cardiologists wishing to meet their MOC assessment requirement. The CMP integrates lifelong learning with assessment and is the shortest path between learning and maintaining your credentials. Learn more about the CMP.
  • Passing the Boards. Use CathSAP to prepare for the Boards – learn about the ABIM blueprint, simulate taking a Board exam, practice with hundreds of ABIM-style questions that include rationale, references, and links to related text, learn from educational text and lectures, and identify your knowledge gaps so you can plan additional study.

*Table of contents:

  1. Anatomy, Anatomic Variants, Anatomic Pathology
  2. Cardiac Imaging & Assessment
  3. Catheter-Based Management of Noncoronary Disease
  4.  Complications of Coronary Intervention
  5. Procedural techniques
  6. Pharmacology
  7. Miscellaneous Topics

Details : 7 PDF

Price : $ 50



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    Just wondering do you have Cathsap 5 program itself including videos , pictures , interactive tools. Thanks


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