Adult ECLS Course – Innovative ECMO Concepts (Complete Contents)

In this course, the emerging trends in adult ECMO support will be evaluated. Critical concepts, treatments, and interventions will be discussed as well as a review of influential literature pertaining to adult ECLS.

Learning Objectives

  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Cannula Selection
  • Indications
  • Coagulation and Equipment for Adults

Purchase of this course grants the learner access to the following individual modules:

  • Introduction to ECMO
  • Basic Ventilation
  • Advanced Ventilation
  • Complete Circuit Exam
  • ECLS Physics
  • VV vs. VA
  • Adult Indications
  • Pre-ECLS to Initiation
  • eCPR
  • Adult Cannula Selection
  • Basic Anticoagulation
  • Advanced Anticoagulation
  • Anticoagulation Equipment
  • Daily Patient Management
  • Daily Circuit Management
  • Emergencies and Complications – Medical
  • Emergencies and Complications – Mechanical
  • Adult Blood and Blood Products
  • Awake, Ambulation and Physical Rehabilitation
  • Weaning and Decannulation
  • Adult Outcomes
  • ECLS Billing

Complete course content has been extracted to use offline.

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