3D ECHO 360° – Full Scientific Program


Three-dimensional echocardiography has completed its transition from a research tool to a clinically useful imaging modality able to provide valuable and unique information when addressing patient management. 3D Echo 360° has established itself as an exciting, cutting-edge workshop for all those who are interested in 3D Echo. A superb and experienced faculty to offer a unique 3D Echo learning experience.
To meet the different educational expectations of attendees this year the 3D ECHO 360° has increased its educational offer by offering the sessions online .The Basic 3D Echo Course designed for those who are at their first approach to 3D echocardiography or for those who want to know more about this technique before getting started. The Advanced 3D Echo Course designed for those who are already experts in 3D Echo and aim for an update on the most recent technological advancements and clinical uses of the technique.

Details : 53 Chapters , All Courses (Basic and Advanced)

Size : 6.6 Gb

Price : $ 40


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