20th Advanced Neuroradiology Course 2021

This course aims to refresh and update on advances in the practice of Neuroradiology and Head & Neck Radiology from a multidisciplinary approach. Comprising lectures and discussions on diagnostic neuroradiology, head neck radiology and interventional neuroradiology – this course will be relevant to doctors and healthcare professionals in Radiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Head & Neck surgery, Oncology, and other Neuroscience disciplines.

Program : 

Head & Neck
Anatomy & Imaging

Brain in Flames
Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Principles, Surgical & MRI Anatomy
Imaging & Clinical in Autoimmune Encephalitis; Infections

Imaging in Demyelination & Epilepsy

Spinal Cord Lesions & Advances

Stroke Prevention

Release Date : 7-8th October 2021 

Details : 19 Videos + 1 PDF

Price : $ 60


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