Teorhinoplasty Course 2021

Teorhinoplasty Course 2021 is a 3 Day video course

Day 1:

We will begin with the underlying philosophy of Teorhinoplasty. Next, we will concentrate on anatomy and physiology. This part will be different than what you’re used to. Followed by Teorhinoplasty steps, closed technique.
Illustrations, animations and dozens of HD videos for each title, every surgical step.
We will have frequent Q&A breaks.

Day 2:

Teorhinoplasty with open technique. Surgical steps, differences, advantages and disadvantages of open technique. I will also explain an easy method to switch from open to closed technique.After completing the surgical steps I will talk about patient selection and postoperative follow-up as well.
Next is complications and my 5 rules for safety of skull base.
Lastly, we will perform case analysis and close the day by discussing live surgery cases.
Again, there will be plenty of Q & A sessions.

Day 3:

The first case is closed Teorhinoplasty technique. This will be an interactive session where every participant can ask questions spontaneously.
The second case will be the open technique.
After a short break, I will evaluate the two surgeries and answer all the questions.

Release date : May 2021

Details : 14 Videos

Size : 12.48 Gb

Price : $ 60