Physeo Step 1 Bundle 2021


The best video library for medical school and USMLE Step 1

Physeo is the only comprehensive resource with conceptual videos and image mnemonics. We provide an all-in-one solution for forward-thinking medical students around the world.

Why choose Physeo ?

Uniquely comprehensiveWe’re the only resource with all of the image mnemonics and conceptual lectures you need to succeed in medical school and dominate Step 1.Highly visual From hand-drawn sketches to professional diagrams, rest assured the most complicated topics will be demystified.Focused Our videos emphasize the most important details while building a solid framework of understanding.Research-backed Learning with image mnemonics has shown to be 3x as effective which is why we’ve created over 400 just for you.We are here to help you Day or night don’t hesitate to reach out because we are here for you and want to help every step of the way.

Contents :

1. Embryology

2. Anatomy

3. Physiology

4. Pharmacology

5. Public Health

6. Biochemistry

7. Psychiatry

8. Microbiology

9. Immunology

Details : 853 Videos , 44 PDF , 3 Anki Files

Price : $ 40


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