Essential Med Notes Clinical Handbook 2021

The Essential Med Notes Clinical Handbook 2021 is a pocket-sized resource containing concise and up-to-date clinical data for on-the-spot information to assist with daily clinical encounters. Each chapter begins with a basic approach to history and physical examination, followed by common presentations and associated investigations and treatments. A pharmacology chapter at the beginning of the book provides a quick reference for commonly used medications across all specialties. The Common Procedures chapter offers helpful insight into the most commonly used medical procedures. The STAT Notes chapter offers a step-by-step approach to 30 common ward scenarios and is the ultimate guide to managing on-call issues. This book is the perfect portable complement for high-yield information contained within the Essential Med Notes textbooks!

Publication Date:January 2021
Edition: 14
Pages: 510
Illustrations: 215
Format: Original Publisher PDF
ISBN: 9781927363782

Price : $ 20



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