Ultrasound Evaluation of Dialysis Access Grafts & Fistula



Ultrasound Evaluation of Dialysis Access Grafts and Fistulas Training Video is designed to review the arterial and venous anatomy within the upper extremities, illustrate the advantages of AV fistulas over other indwelling devices, demonstrate complications of dialysis access procedures and state the sonographic criteria for stenosis and dysfunction.


  • Types of Dialysis
  • Management of Renal Disease
  • Dialysis Access Types
  • Overview of Dialysis Access Procedures
  • Role of the Vascular Lab
  • Pre-Operative Venous and Arterial Mapping
  • AV Access Complications


  • Cite the Arterial and Venous Anatomy of the Upper Extremities.
  • List the Advantages of AV Fistulas Over Grafts and Venous Catheters.
  • Recognize the Common Complications of Dialysis Access Procedures.
  • Cite Several Sonographic Criteria for Stenosis and Dysfunction of AV Fistulas/Grafts.


Sonographers, physicians, nurse practitioners, PA’s or other medical professional performing and/or interpreting vascular ultrasound. Physician participants may include (but are not limited to) : Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Radiology, General Surgery, and Vascular Surgery.

Pric: $15


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