Radiopaedia 2022 – Virtual Conference

Radiopaedia 2022 (July 25-29) our five-day virtual radiology conference has concluded and registration has now closed. If you were lucky enough to register then full on-demand access to all lectures, panel discussions, workshops and session replays is now available when you log in.

Advanced lectures – Day 1A series of neuroradiology and head & neck imaging lectures.

  • Brain tumor update – WHO 5th edition  Frank Gaillard
  • Understanding the lower four: CN9-12  Christine Glastonbury 
  • Spinal tumors in adults  Derek Smith
  • Cavernous sinus: from anatomy to pathology  Lalani Carlton Jones
  • Toxic and metabolic brain disease patterns in adults  Francis Deng 
  • Imaging approach to pulsatile tinnitus  Jennifer Gillespie 
  • Non-tumor spinal cord disease  Tilak Das
  • Incidental thyroid nodules – approach and culture shift  Jenny Hoang 
  • Knowing where to look: clinical localizing signs and the brain  Tabby Kennedy 
  • Spontaneous intracranial hypotension and spinal CSF leaks  Lalani Carlton Jones

General lectures – Day 1A series of foundational MRI lectures.

  • Introduction to MRI physics and safety  Donald McRobbie
  • Introduction to lumbar spine MRI  Andrew Dixon
  • Introduction to cervical spine MRI  Derek Smith
  • Introduction to knee MRI  Andrew Dixon
  • Introduction to MRCP  Matt A Morgan 
  • Introduction to brain MRI  Andrew Dixon 

Case workshop – Day 1

  • Head & Neck emergencies  Andrew Dixon & Derek Smith

Advanced lectures – Day 2A series of musculoskeletal imaging lectures.

  • Sacroiliac joint variants and pathology  Matt Skalski​​
  • An approach to wrist MRI  Dai Roberts
  • Femoropatellar instability on CT and MRI  P. Diana Afonso 
  • MR imaging of glenoid labral tears  Diego Lemos 
  • Interventional radiologic procedures in pelvic bone tumors  Yet Yen Yan 
  • Imaging of synovial pathologies  Tatiane Cantarelli
  • Ultrasound evaluation of finger pathology  Gonzalo Serrano Belmar
  • An approach to bone marrow in lumbar spine MRI  Imran Lasker

A series of nuclear medicine lectures. ​

  • Diagnostics and theranostics with PSMA & DOTATATE  Sally Ayesa 
  • Clearing up unclear medicine with SPECT/CT  David Little
  • Nuclear medicine imaging of cardiac amyloidosis  Paige Bennett

General lectures – Day 2A series of foundational x-ray lectures.

  • Introduction to x-ray physics  Matt Skalski 
  • Chest x-ray interpretation: lines and tubes  Amanda Er
  • Abdominal x-ray interpretation  Vikas Shah
  • X-ray interpretation of foot injuries   Andrew Murphy
  • X-ray interpretation of hip and pelvic injuries  Craig Hacking
  • X-ray interpretation of elbow injuries  Jeremy Jones 

Case workshop – Day 2

  • Chest x-ray cases with CT correlation  Sally Ayesa & Andrew Dixon

Advanced lectures – Day 3A series of chest and cardiovascular imaging lectures.

  • Pulmonary fibrosis – imaging survival guide  Miranda Siemienowicz 
  • Occupational lung diseases: beyond the classical pneumoconioses  Jonathan Chung 
  • How to approach cardiac CT  Ben Hudson
  • Exploring pleural diseases on x-ray and CT  Stefan Tigges
  • Top 10 papers to know in IR  Heather Moriarty
  • Imaging of acute aortic syndromes  Craig Hacking
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: diagnostic guidelines  Jonathan Chung  

A series of pediatric imaging lectures. ​

  • Pediatric knee MRI: they’re not just small adults  Jeremy Jones 
  • Demystifying the pediatric chest  John Adu 
  • Pediatric IR: more than just lines and biopsies  Kish Minhas

General lectures – Day 3A series of foundational CT lectures.

  • Introduction to CT physics  Tim Szczykutowicz 
  • Introduction to HRCT chest  Miranda Siemienowicz 
  • Introduction to oncology staging CT  Sally Ayesa
  • CT case workshop  Andrew Dixon & Vikas Shah
  • Introduction to abdominal CT  Michael Hartung 
  • Introduction to chest CT and CTPA  Craig Hacking  

Case workshop – Day 3

  • Pediatric emergencies  Jeremy Jones
  • Pediatric emergencies  Jeremy Jones

Advanced lectures – Day 4A series of abdominal imaging lectures.

  • Inflammatory bowel pathology  Michael Hartung
  • Urinary diversions: from bowel to bladder  Matt A Morgan 
  • Ultrasound of inflammatory bowel disease  Ruth Reeve 
  • An approach to prostate MRI  Joseph Mullineux 
  • Cystic pancreatic lesions  Edmund Godfrey
  • Tips and tricks for image-guided biopsies and drainages  Heather Moriarty 
  • Acute non-traumatic abdominal pain in pregnancy Vikas Shah 

A series of gynecologic imaging lectures.

  • MRI assessment of uterine fibroids  Natalie Yang 
  • Cesarean scar imaging: Scar-y things you need to know  Emmeline Lee 
  • O-RADS MRI classification for adnexal lesions  Nishat Bharwani
  • MRI assessment of adenomyosis  Natalie Yang 

General lectures – Day 4A series of foundational ultrasound lectures.

  • Introduction to ultrasound physics  Amy Barnes
  • Introduction to hepatobiliary ultrasound  Matt A Morgan
  • Introduction to renal tract ultrasound  Matt A Morgan 
  • Introduction to shoulder ultrasound  Dai Roberts
  • Introduction to pelvic ultrasound  Avni Skandhan
  • Introduction to scrotal ultrasound  Jeremy Jones

Case workshop – Day 4

  • Abdominal emergencies  Michael Hartung & Vikas Shah

Pediatric emergencies  Jeremy Jones

Case workshop – Day 4

  • Abdominal emergencies  Michael Hartung & Vikas Shah

Combined lectures – Day 5A series of professional development and innovation lectures.

  • Post-mortem radiology: not the same as clinical radiology  Chris O’Donnell 
  • Imaging in mass fatality situations  Claire Robinson
  • Being an expert witness, writing reports and giving evidence  Jeremy Jones
  • Helping to build imaging capacity in low-resource health systems  Liz Joekes
  • Radiologists and athlete care: lessons from the Tokyo Olympics  Bruce Forster
  • Tech to enhance your reporting setup and efficiency  Daniel Fascia
  • How virtual reality is changing radiography education  James Hayes
  • Providing a supportive environment for LGBTQ patients  Amanda Bolderston
  • Uses of extended reality in radiology  Dimitri Amiras
  • Communication creates culture  Hannah Ireland
  • The rules of radiology reporting  Paul McCoubrie
  • The curious case of Baum’s loop  Frank Gaillard
  • Tips and tricks for modern radiology teaching  Vikas Shah
  • Mindfulness in radiology: avoiding distractions and burnout  Naveen Sharma
  • Why a radiologist should learn pathology  Natalie Yang


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