Cleveland Clinic State of the Art Echocardiography 2021


Cleveland Clinic’s State of the Art Echocardiography highlights practical issues in echocardiography, featuring insight and real world cardiovascular clinical practice cases from nearly 30 internationally renowned experts.  This activity provides guidance for optimal utilization of echocardiography in managing valvular heart disease, heart failure, device therapies, cardiomyopathies and endocarditis. Special sessions will be dedicated to structural heart interventions, adult congenital cardiology, innovative technologies and multimodality imaging. Worth 18 AMA PRA Category I Credits™, this enduring material meets Echo Lab CME requirements for physicians and sonographers, with NO POST TEST.  Additionally, physicians can earn up to 18 ABIM MOC points for this activity.  State of the Art Echocardiography can also aid preparation for initial board certification or MOC assessment in general cardiology and echo.

Session I: Imaging Guidance in Structural Heart Disease I

Imaging for the Non-Imager L. Leonardo Rodriguez, MD
Transseptal Puncture Rhonda Miyasaka, MD
Multimodality Planning for TAVR Christine Jellis, MD, PhD
Imaging Guidance of LAA Occluder Implantation Bo Xu, MD
Percutaneous Mitral and Tricuspid Repair Amar Krishnaswamy, MD
Valve-in-Valve TAVR and Paravalvular Leak Closure Grant Reed, MD
Panel Discussion

Session II: Imaging Guidance in Structural Heart Disease II

Intracardiac Echo (ICE )for Procedural Guidance Amar Krishnaswamy, MD
PFO/ASD Closure Grant Reed, MD
Procedural Planning in Structural Heart Disease Serge Harb, MD
Integration of Flouroscopic Anatomy in Imaging, Tips and Tricks Samir Kapadia, MD
Cases in Structural Heart Disease Rhonda Miyasaka, MD
Future of Structural Interventions Samir Kapadia, MD
Panel Discussion

Session III: Aortic Stenosis Diagnosis and Management

Echo Doppler Evaluation of Aortic Stenosis Christine Jellis, MD, PhD
Low Flow, Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis With Preserved EF – Evaluation and Management Brian Griffin, MD
What Are the Boundaries to TAVR? Amar Krishnaswamy, MD
Prosthetic Aortic Valve Stenosis and PPM- Evaluation and Management Patrick Collier, MD, PhD
Cases in Aortic Stenosis Diagnosis and Management L. Leonardo Rodriguez, MD

Session IV: Mitral Regurgitation Diagnosis and Management

Leonardo Rodriguez, MD L. Leonardo Rodriguez, MD
Secondary Mitral Regurgitation: The Basics Serge Harb, MD
Imaging the Mitral Valve Anticipating Repair Masan Thamilarasan, MD
Mechanisms of Mitral Regurgitation and Impact on Management; Use of 3D Imaging Rhonda Miyasaka, MD
Indications for Surgery in Primary and Secondary MR Per Wierup, MD, PhD
Approach to Echo Diagnosis of Mixed Valve Disease Brian Griffin, MD
Stress Testing in Valvular Heart Disease Milind Desai, MD, MBA

Session V: Echocardiography in the Management of Device Therapies for Heart Failure

Right Ventricular Interrogation in VAD Selection and Management Bo Xu, MD
Echocardiography in the Management of Circulatory Support: ECMO, Impella Jerry Estep, MD
Echocardiography in CRT: Selection, Optimization %26 Non Responders Richard Grimm, DO
Severe Functional Mitral Regurgitation and CRT L. Leonardo Rodriguez, MD

Session VI: Endocarditis

Clinical And Imaging Of Endocarditis Joanna Ghobrial, MD, MSc
Complementary Imaging In Endocarditis – CT-MRI-Nuclear Christine Jellis, MD, PhD
Endocarditis Cases Hani Najm, MD
Surgical Treatment Of Infective Endocarditis Malek Yaman, MD
The Changing Face of Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis Joanna Ghobrial, MD, MSc
The Critical Role of Imaging in Diagnosis And Management Of Endocarditis Malek Yaman, MD

Session VII: Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Systematic Approach to Imaging in CHD Joanna Ghobrial, MD, MSc
Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defects Christine Jellis, MD, PhD
Transposition of the Great Arteries and Tetralogy of Fallot Hani Najm, MD
A Primer in Cyanotic Heart Disease and R-L Shunts Malek Yaman, MD
Transcatheter Interventions in CHD Joanna Ghobrial, MD, MSc
Postoperative Imaging in Congenital Heart Disease Malek Yaman, MD

Session VIII: Echo in the Diagnosis and Management of Cardiomyopathy

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Harry Lever, MD
Cardiac Amyloidosis Deborah Kwon, MD
Left Ventricular Dilation Milind Desai, MD, MBA
Echo and the Right Heart Patrick Collier, MD, PhD
Biventricular Dilatation Venugopal Menon, MD
Imaging to Identify Infiltrative Cardiomyopathy Wael Jaber, MD

Session IX: Special Topics in Echocardiography I

Value of Echocardiography in Critical Care Venugopal Menon, MD
Echo in Cardio-Oncology Patrick Collier, MD, PhD
Echo Contrast for Border Detection and Perfusion Bo Xu, MD
Imaging Assessment and Quantification of Aortic Regurgitation Brian Griffin, MD
Surgical Timing in Chronic Aortic Regurgitation—Time for a Reappraisal? Milind Desai, MD, MBA

Session X: Special Topics in Echocardiography II

Management and Interventional Options for Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation Rhonda Miyasaka, MD
Practical Application of Diastolic Function Assessment Allan Klein, MD
Incorporating Strain Imaging in Practice Zoran Popovic, MD
Echo and COVID Vidyasagar Kalahasti, MD
Multimodality Imaging in Myocarditis and Pericarditis Deborah Kwon, MD
Echo/CT Correlates in Cardiac Disease Richard Grimm, DO
Panel Discussion

Details : 40 Videos

Price : $ 40


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